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    Tuesday, September 19, 2017

    Dirty Dealings by AJ Adams ✱ Release + Review Blitz ✱

      Title: Dirty Dealings
    Series: Zeta Cartel #3
    By: AJ Adams
    Publication Date: June 28, 2016
    Genre: Dark Suspenseful Romance

    I could’ve fucking strangled her. She knew it too because she stepped away quickly. “Touch me and I’ll have you!” she snarled.

    “Bruja mala leche! What the fuck do you think you’re playing at! You can’t push me around!”

    “Sure I can.” Her eyes were slate grey, the same colour as the sky, and just as cold. “I need help, and you’re going to give it.”

    “What the hell are you talking about?”

    “I’ve got a situation. I need someone who isn’t afraid of murder and mayhem.”

    I should have charmed her, offered to help and maybe it would have settled it, but I was too mad to even consider it. “Help you? Over my dead fucking body!”

    She shrugged. “We can do it that way, too.” She took out her phone. “I’ll call you soon, hopefully within the hour. If you still refuse, I call Smith.” The eyes were hard. “I’d rather not shop you, because I hate that bastard, but I will if you make me.”

    I gave her my number. I mean, I wanted to kill her, but in London they notice things like bodies in the street. Especially if you’re careless enough to do it in broad daylight next to a cop shop.

    The Queen by Skye Warren ✯ Release Blitz ✯


    The Queen, the stunning conclusion of the Masterpiece Duet from Skye Warren is LIVE!


    The Queen by Skye Warren

    Publishing Date: September 19th, 2017

    Genre: Contemporary Romance

    I have one chance at a new life. A college education. A future outside of Tanglewood's dark walls. For a breathless moment it seems like I might actually escape.
    Then I get a phone call from home.
    Damon Scott is my own personal dragon, the fight I've always lost, the secret hope of my heart. And he needs my help right now. Only my mind can solve the puzzle of his long-lost sister. Only my presence can keep him sane as the city fights against him.
    Only my heart can unlock a man with such a tragic past.
    This is my final gamble, with everything at stake. One last game to win a future for both of us.
    And a love strong enough to break the city apart.
    THE QUEEN is the final novel in the bestselling Masterpiece duet, about a game of lies and loyalty, of betrayal and power, and ascension to the city's throne.

    On a Tuesday by Whitney G. ✶ Release Blitz + Giveaway ✶

    On a Tuesday

    by Whitney G.
    Publication Date: September 19, 2017
    Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Second Chance Romance, Standalone
    Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
    Model Credit: Andrea Denver

    We met on a Tuesday.
    Became best friends, then lovers, on a Tuesday.
    And everything fell apart on a Tuesday…

    Charlotte Taylor has three automatic strikes in my book: 1) She hates me. She also claims that I’m a “domineering jerk with a huge, overbearing ego.” (I do have something huge. It’s not my ego, though.) 2) She takes our mandatory tutoring sessions way too seriously. 3) She’s sexy as hell…And a virgin.

    At least, those were her strikes before our study sessions started lasting longer than they were supposed to. Until one innocent kiss became a hundred dirty ones, and until she became the first woman I ever fell hard for.

    Our future together after graduation was supposed to be set:
    Professional football for me. Law school for her.

    But she left me at the end of the semester with no explanation, and then she completely disappeared from my life.

    Until tonight.

    We met on a Tuesday.
    Became everything, then nothing, on a Tuesday.
    And now it’s seven years later, on a Tuesday…

    Rock Me by Carly Phillips ✯ Release Blitz ✯


    Rock Me, a sexy new standalone from Carly Phillips is LIVE!

    CPRockMeBookCover5x8_BW_300 (2).jpg

    Rock Me
    by Carly Phillips
    Publication Date: September 19th

    Genre: Contemporary Romance

    Bodyguard Bad Boys … Sexy, Hot, and oh so protective!
    A pop star in danger.
    Her reluctant bodyguard.
    A past they can’t deny.
    Summer Michelle is on the verge of ultimate fame.
    Ben Hollander has sworn off mixing business with pleasure.
    But keeping his hands off of the sexy songstress is easier said than done and once the threat is neutralized, will she choose fame over love?

    Alphas of Danger Anthology ✯ Release Blitz ✯

    ** 2016's Alphas of Sin Anthology we've raised $5,000 to 4 Paws for Ability! We've been able to sponsor a puppy pen and not one but TWO puppies named Vixen & Frenzy. We will be following the journey of these two puppies to hopefully graduate and become service dogs to a family in need. You can come join our journey on our Facebook page Once Upon An Alpha. We are now BACK with Alphas of Danger, available NOW for a LIMITED TIME with ten bestselling authors and we hope you join us on the journey for 2017's Alphas of Danger with ten never-been-told stories by ten bestselling authors**



    Happy-Ever-After has never been so intoxicating
    When a man has beaten it, he becomes a hero.
    When a woman tastes it, she is helpless to resist his pull.
    It won’t come easily, especially between alpha men and their headstrong women. Threats lurk in the shadows, and the price for passion is often exacted with a bullet or a blade…but the sacrifice is worth it when devotion is the reward.

    Ten bestselling authors, masters of spine-tingling romantic suspense, bring you brand-new stories that will yank you to the edge of your seat and have your heart pounding as you turn the pages.

    Michael's Mercy by Dale Mayer ★ Excerpt Reveal + Giveaway ★

    Release Date: October 3, 2017


    The Sleeper SEALs are former U.S. Navy SEALs recruited by a new CIA counter-terror division to handle solo dark ops missions to combat terrorism on US soil.


    When things go bad, in Michael’s world things go horribly, terrifyingly bad.

    It’s been a year since hardened Navy SEAL Michael Stanton walked away from his career. He
    never thought to go back, but then his former commander calls with the news that an old friend
    was murdered while undercover – and he needs Michael’s help.

    Knowing the next dead body might be his, Michael takes his friend’s place at the home of a
    terrorist. His official mission is to find all he can to bring the man’s operation down. His personal mission is to find out who murdered his friend.

    Mercy got the job as a maid that her sister had last held – just before she disappeared. With the police lacking leads and interest, Mercy decides it’s up to her to find out what happened. Inside the huge home, she meets Michael and becomes immediately suspicious ... and immediately attracted.

    When they collide in the worst way possible, she realizes he's not who he seems either.

    Can they each find the truth about their objectives and about themselves? Or will the terrorist get wind of the traitors in his midst and take care of them before they can take care of him?

    Each story in this multi-author branded series is a standalone novel and the series can be read in any order.

    Welcome to Michael’s Mercy, book 10 in Heroes for Hire (and Sleeper SEALs #3) reconnecting readers with the unforgettable men from SEALs of Honor in a new series of action packed, page turning romantic suspense that fans have come to expect from USA TODAY Bestselling author Dale Mayer. This book is part of the continuity series SLEEPER SEALS.


    My Image of You by Melanie Moreland ✶ Release Blitz + Giveaway ✶

      Title: My Image of You
    By: Melanie Moreland
    Publication Date: September 19, 2017
    Publisher: Random House LLC/Loveswept
    Genre: Contemporary Romance

    A globe-trotting bad boy chases the one that got away in this addictive novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Contract.

    My name is Adam Kincaid, and I’m the best at what I do. After losing my parents, I decided to follow in their footsteps, and now I’m the most daring freelance photographer in the world.

    Maybe some think I’m a loner, but I don’t care. All that matters is the shot: braving danger and devastation in search of a single image with the power to tell someone’s story. But as good as I am, accidents happen—and thank god for that, because it’s what leads me to her. . .

    Alexandra Robbins. My nurse. My savior.

    With her fiery red hair and crystal-clear blue eyes, the camera loves her . . . and I have to have her. We soon find that we’re perfect together. We just fit, physically and emotionally. And yet something isn’t right. Something from her past is haunting her, and no matter what I do to help her break free, I lose her.

    Today is the day I try to win her back. Not only do I need an explanation, I need her in my bed once again. I don’t just want a damn picture—I want her. Because what we have is a love that never fades away. . .

    Earning It by Angela Quarles ★ Excerpt Reveal + Giveaway ★

    Cover Design: Sarah Eirew
    Release Date: October 4, 2017


    One blind date. One case of mistaken identity. One Navy SEAL faced with his high school crush. What could go wrong?

    To Score…
    Holy cow, my blind date is rawr-hot. Everything in me aches to explore more with this man, but I can’t. I’ve got too much on the line professionally, with me starting at my new medical practice on shaky ground. But I can’t deny that I want the sex. A fling is perfect. Bonus—I will prove my idiot ex-boyfriend wrong. I’m not cold.

    Or Not to Score…
    Once she mistakes me for her blind date, my plan is clear. Be this Rick the Lawyer she thinks I am. And for the space of this coffee date, talk to the only woman who’s ever made me feel any spark outside of combat. Best case scenario, I get to be outside my skin—free to be whatever the hell I want. Worst case—she recognizes me as we chat. She’ll be pissed, call me an asshole, but it won’t be anything she hasn’t called me in the past, so… Win/Win?


    Make Me Yours by Vanessa Vale ✯ Release Blitz ✯


    Make Me Yours by Vanessa Vale is NOW AVAILABLE!
    One cowboy is never enough...

    BUY NOW and receive a FREE coloring book page from her coloring book, Man Candy, right to in your inbox!


    Lacey has fame and fortune. That's everything she's ever wanted. Right?

    When she becomes tabloid fodder, she's had enough. Escaping to a guest ranch in Bridgewater is the perfect place to hide. But when two hot cowboys make her theirs, is it for fifteen minutes of fame or because they want forever?

    Almost Wonderful by Christie Ridgway ✯ Release Blitz ✯


    Almost Wonderful by Christie Ridgway is AVAILABLE NOW!
    Grab this sweet romantic novella now!

    Almost Wonderful - Ebook

    Young happy couple sitting on a sand by sea and enjoying each other

    Meg Alexander has temporarily—and reluctantly—returned to her home of Crescent Cove, California. Last time she’d been on this beach she’d called herself Starr and saw only bright skies ahead. Then tragedy struck and she’d run from all that was familiar, the happy-go-lucky girl becoming a sadder-but-wiser woman. Now family obligations have brought her back and she’s determined to make it through the month with grit and grace. She only falters when one day she looks up—and loses her breath.

    Caleb McCall has never forgotten the summer he spent at Crescent Cove and the beautiful girl who’d laughed and played there. Eager for a break from his workaholic ways, he rents one of the surfside bungalows and discovers his landlady is none other than the one woman who has never faded from his memory. Clearly, though, Meg is wary and even their instant chemistry doesn’t let down her guard. But Caleb has learned there’s no time like the present to grab the opportunities life presents, so he’s willing to fight for what he wants…the total surrender of Meg’s heart.